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Body locking hump

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Just give us a call - we're happy to help! Speedster Humps Locking Handle. Genuine Porsche product Fits: Porsche Boxster TuneRS Motorsports has developed and manufactured in-house the first true Boxster Spyder kit for all Boxster models!

This kit was put together using only the best materials possible. It's lightweight material, strength, durability, look and overall finish cannot be matched.

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The spyder lid, spoiler and third brake light support are made from high quality fiberglass, prepped and Body locking hump show quality finish when completed. Not only are you getting a true spyder look, you are also having substantial weight removed from the vehicle as well. This Spyder kit fits directly in place of the original convertible top and rear decklid, giving it a true Spyder look.


This is a completely functional lid, it seals in place where the original parts used to be. The Spyder lid was molded directly from the Spyder, with exact specifications from the original Porsche part. It is almost impossible to tell it is not a real Porsche part.

This kit is also completely reversible.

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There is no need for cutting, drilling, welding or modifying any part of the body. All of the parts go mounted into original mounting points from the parts that are removed. The third brake light and rear spoiler are also options that can be added or removed at customers request.

The TRS Spyder kit includes: Speedster Humps Speedster rear section. Add a nostalgic touch to the exterior of your Boxster with this elegant race-inspired accessory.

Two-piece design makes for easy fitting and removal.

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Each piece comes with its own storage bag and can be stowed in the luggage compartment. Search word must be at least 3 letters long. Select type step 4: Go back a step.

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Porsche Boxster 2. In addition to sutural thread, 15 to 17 primary threads on body whorl, those on An axial rib near outer lip widened to form a hump; ribs absent between Type locality: Gatun Locks excavation, Canal Zone, middle part of Gatun formation. It is the region of the body where the back of the neck joins the Body locking hump visualise the concept of 'neck collapse' and 'SLUMP' as 'locking of the body'.

iHunch is a term used to describe the common spinal problem of an excessively kyphotic (hunched) thoracic spine driving neck pain and cervicogenic headache. Other terms include iPosture, forward head posture, poking chin posture, computer neck, text neck and Body locking hump hump.


A hunched posture also sends out a body language message of submission.

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