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Welp, we ranked all the jokes in Airplane!

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We all sat down and watched Airplane! We input every joke into a Google Excel Sheet, gave each joke a score from 1—10 whole numbers onlyset the document to automatically average the score for each joke, and, after the movie was over, we sorted the jokes from highest to lowest average score. There were seven of us, all of whose careers are more-or-less involved in comedy writing and filmmaking.

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None of whom have made anything nearly as good as Airplane! I guess something had to be the lowest ranked joke in Airplane!

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Also tied for worst joke, coming from Johnny, one of the funniest characters in Airplane!. Statistically, just a slightly better joke than the Ronald Reagan one.

Interestingly enough, nobody gave these back-to-back jokes the same score and they still got the exact same average.

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Surprisingly, got a slightly higher rating than the later jive scene with the old lady. All the jokes rated 5.

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The callback scored slightly higher than the original. Who are we to criticize the writing of Airplane! And even funnier, McCroskey anticipates the explosion.

Also, earlier in the movie, during the Turkish prison joke, Joey finds a basketball in the cockpit. The highest ranking joke from this runner.

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This is the introduction of the Johnny character and the score includes the callback later. We knew going into this that whatever joke ranked at number one would be controversial. When we tallied up the scores, we were all surprised this got the top slot because no one expected it but we were also not surprised because we all gave it high scores four 10s, two 9s, and a 7.

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