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Inhe released his first solo mixtapeRM. As of October [update]his second mixtape, Monois the highest charting album by a Korean soloist on the Billboard chart, having peaked at At 4 rm solo age of 11, RM became interested in hip-hop music after hearing Epik High 's "Fly" in fifth grade.

Because of a girl I liked No matter how young you are, it's just as difficult as it is for an adult.

I thought that things were really difficult for me, but I felt very strongly that the song "Fly" was giving me comfort If I had been listening for the sake of the melody until then, from that point on, I started to listen to lyrics In hip-hop, the lyrics are written as one is emptying out their entire soul.

I took pleasure in following [Eminem's] lyrics and showing them to my friends, and having concerts at our school festivals. InRM started activities in the 4 rm solo Korean hip-hop community under the stage name Runch Randa, doing his first recording with self-written lyrics on the program Cool Edit. InRM auditioned for Big Deal Records, passing the first round along with 4 rm solo Seo but failed the second round as he forgot all his lyrics.

However, RM later received a call from Sleepy to contact Bang Si-hyuk, telling him "that person is searching, go try once.

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In order to convince his mother to allow him to be a rapper, he asked her, "[if] she wanted to have a son who was a first-place rapper, or a 5,th-place student.

RM has described himself as an atheist. RM developed his stage name Rap Monster during his trainee years.

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Though commonly misunderstood that he took on the name as he 4 rm solo like a monster," RM revealed that it became his name due to the wording in the lyrics of a song he wrote that was inspired by San E 's "Rap Genius.

Maybe because the company thought it was funny, they started to call me that to tease me.

In Novemberhe formally changed his name to his current stage name RM as he determined that his former moniker was no longer representative of who he was or the music that he creates. At the time, it gave me a lot of stress, and it was very difficult in that I felt like I was living a 4 rm solo life I did try to run away once, but in only 3 hours I was convinced and came back. RM has collaborated with many Korean and American artists.

Even after they returned to Korea, we kept in touch via email and phone calls, and 4 rm solo work was done. As an artist and producer, [RM] is one of the best rappers I know. But he said he was 'serious,' and then I realized at that moment that it was real. D Please Don't Die " ahead of his first solo mixtape.

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In addition to his music work, RM was also a regular cast member on the first 4 rm solo episodes of the Korean television program Problematic Men which began airing on February 26, on tvN. During the show, cast members are given a variety of puzzles and problems to solve and work through them by talking about their own thoughts and experiences. RM also began taking on more music production within and outside of BTS in InRM collaborated with American rapper Wale on a special socially-charged track called "Change," released as a free digital download along with an accompanying music video filmed about two weeks prior to the track's release in March.

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InRM released his second mixtape entitled Mono that October, which he referred to as a "playlist. RM and Honne developed a working relationship after Honne discovered RM was a fan of 4 rm solo music online and met with RM in Seoul while they were performing there. Berry promises that "Rap Monster rarely fails to live up to his name. Critics stated his first mixtape "takes listeners on a roller coaster narrative of confidence and uncertainty that comes with self-discovery.

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This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. Ilsan-guGoyangSouth Korea.

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