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I've looked at a variety of forums to fix this, but so far I've had no luck. I've tried changing the file extension to mov, re-downloading Quicktime, and installed other codecs, but nothing has worked.

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Currently I'm using a PC with Windows 7. And on a side note dont every install codecs unless you need a particular one like mjpeg etc as they can realy mess up your computer. Convert with HandBrake see if that 4 load kevin mp4 help.

The camera is fairly new, model's just under 2 years old, but fortunately Handbrake worked. The clips upload properly when I run them through the program. I am going crazy to try and find the answer to this. I was using CS6 with my Canon T5i and it read my video files completely fine! Now that I am updated to CC it only imports my files as audio. Everyone one says, re-download QuickTime, or that PP can't read H but it was working before and now it won't!

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I go through a lot of video, I don't have time to convert each one. I had this problem with a project I had open over night and just restarted Premiere and reopened my project and importing was working again. Note I also cleared cache before restarting, but I do not think it did anything as after cleaning I tried importing with no success.

Adobe please try and find a fix for this, I am wasting so much time just trying to put video in a video editing program. Also 4 load kevin mp4 renaming top folder. I figured out the problem, I made a tutorial for everyone and so I can 4 load kevin mp4 in a few months time. I believe I tried that as well. It was because the video track line was not selected showed at start of video. My problem is that when i upload a video file, I only get and audio of the video but not the video.

As Ann Bens suggested the media browser is really the big fix. But even how you use that has a trick to it though as dragging directly from media browser only works with some footage. When you say upload a video file, do you mean to Premiere or when you upload your video file to something like youtube? And more specifically when you try to place video files into your timeline?

Here is 4 load kevin mp4 video I just made to stop this problem from happening. Let me know if this fixes all problems around this area.

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How to properly import audio and video to Premiere Pro - YouTube. I can select to two MP4 files created from the same source and one will import just fine, the other imports as audio only. Can someone point me to a link where I can submit an official support ticket. This issue only started happening today Hey Rob, did you see the link to the video I created on this issue? It most likely comes down to a import issue.

There is a very specific way I have found to import to get all content types working every time How to properly import audio and video to Premiere Pro - YouTube. I just started having the same issue and the fix you posted does not work.

It doesn't matter if I import from the media browser or drag and drop the file to the project. I can see the video in Windows but it is not imported into my project. I have 3 other files made at the same time that are fine. This issue has No resolution. Adobe should always be error trapping to catch and handle import problems. In addition, the 4 load kevin mp4 video file that has a problem with PP does work just fine in my other editing suites, even Final cut Pro.

These issue sue started recently with PP new update but 4 load kevin mp4 any official response from Adobe my only option is to cancel my subscription. I have this problem too. The MP4 videos I've worked with before import ok still, but the latest one doesn't.

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Has anyone had a response from 4 load kevin mp4 I'm wondering if this is me or a bug. Ok, I solved it. I'm a newbie so I'm sure there's another way that I haven't thought about. But after trying all the tips from the helpful people here I was still getting nowhere. Here's what I did:. I right-clicked the MP4 file to view the properties. Under details, I chose Remove properties and personal information.

Then I chose to make a copy of the file. And the copy imports nicely to Premiere Pro. By the way, the video in question is a screen recording by the Windows 10 screen recorder.

All the videos recorded in the last couple of months imported as they should, they still do, but the latest ones are causing problems. I tried importing an MP4 video recorded on my phone, worked like 4 load kevin mp4 dream.

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Could it be that the Win 10 screen recorder updates have brought about this problem? The file in question is a 6GB Mp4. On my HP Zbook laptop, Premiere imports it fine. Using the double-click the file in Media Browser still shows audio only.

I've rebooted to no avail. I wonder if this is yet another result of H. It seems to be making an assumption there will always be a video segment for every audio segment.

This solved the import problem in every test case I ran against it. This also re-enforces the solution 4 load kevin mp4 had to one of these files that caused Adobe to CTD, that solution required that I trim the end of the video just a few frames to prevent the CTD on Export. So, just in case anyone from Adobe is paying attention BTW, Adobe NEVER got back to me via their feedback, not really surprisedI would recommend you Adobe software engineers improve your Import code to evaluation more than just one or two last segments of the file to 4 load kevin mp4 "type" of content.

This will make the Import process considerably more reliable.

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